Nunobiki range of industries

We’re constantly raising industry standards across 6 fields.

Motion Transmission

Smooth transfer of energy

Our machinery and products deliver consistent reliable power when and where you need it from home electronics to cars and planes,large scale factory equipment and even space stations.


Bearings made with high precision, Long service life, and High reliability. NSK Precision bearings boasting the global top market shares.

Ball Screws

Silent, Fast, and compact. Able to suit your many needs from transportation to machining applications.

Linear Guides

NC Machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing systems, industrial robots and many others, used in nearly all manufacturing systems.

Mega Torque Motors

Starting with our high-speed arms, we provide revolutionary direct drive motors that contribute to improving productivity by way of the acceleration of the individual parts, reduction in weight, and space saving changes.

Lambda Chain Sprocket

Starting with electromotive driver chains, we provide production line bearing conveyor chains, plastic chains aimed at the food product industry, manufacturing machinery, machine tools, shipbuilding, steel manufacturing, IT and chains appropriate for every and any company.

Belts and Pulley

General industrial belts made by applying global motorization technology.

Slide Rails

Built to contribute to logical mechanical design as well as to improve operativity and easy maintenance.

Bearing Inspection Equipment

Comes equipped with bearing irregularity diagnostic technology. Thanks to its small and light wireless format (extendable to up to 40m) it excels in ease of carrying, and is optimum for patrol inspections.


Prevents leakage

From cars, planes, trains, aircraft, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, oil plants and home electronics.
We provide hermetic sealants, rubber and resin sealant products for a vast range of machinery and facilities.

Mechanical sealants

We provide cartridge sealants that can be mounted with a single touch as well as bellows sealants that work with high temperature and extreme low temperature fluids that fit your specifications.

O rings, oil sealants and non-metallic seals

We deliver a variety of sealant products that make use of the many technological innovations cultivated in the process of researching and developing sealant products.

Ferrofluid Sealants

Used in such cases as when a clean environment is needed for semiconductor manufacturing systems, or for liquid crystal display manufacturing system’s vacuum sealant, and as dust sealants.


An elastomer material developed by the American company Du Pont. Boasting superior chemical resistance with a fluororesin finish, it possesses greater heat resistance compared to the original fluororubber and its elasticity that mimics rubber makes it a revolutionary product.

Metallic Welding Bellows

Nesting type Bellows (contact format) made through ultra-thin sheeting welding fabricated within a clean room with a high degree of cleanliness. It can guarantee a large stroke within a limited amount of space, therefore making it great for a system’s compact design.

Cartridge mechanical Sealant

A full cartridge type mechanical sealant that boasts an ultra-compact, ultra-thin design and high sealant functionality, it has superior fitting functionality, energy conservation, and a long service life that gives it added value.


Lubricants & Adhesives

From the car industry to general production, medical, food processing and electronics manufacturing, we offer a wide range of chemical products to handle many needs across vast usages.

Anaerobic Adhesives

Centering around one-liquid anaerobic adhesives that harden upon cutting off access to air inside metal parts, we have a wide range of adhesives for each and every grade that allow hardening by means of gap filling ranging from small screws in mechanical components all the way to large bolts in construction machinery.

High performance instant superglues

We’ve further expanded the scale of adhesive functionality in regards to the hardening speed and instant sticking strength when compared to the originals.

Ultraviolet hardening type adhesives

Currently used in in a wide range of fields such as electronics, optoelectronics, medical, artisanal glass fabrication, and construction. Moreover, development is underway for visible light-curing type ultraviolet ray absorbing engineering plastic adhesives that harden when exposed to visible light, and its applications are expanding steadily.

Coating systems

We provide coating systems that have been specially designed to be economic, speedy, precise, and leave a great finish.

High Grade Lubricants

Lubricants that are both long lasting and reliable that can stand up to strict requirements such as high-loads, and extreme high and low temperatures. Used in a wide range of fields such as home electronics and vehicle manufacturing machinery and capable of conforming to marketplace needs such as environmental protection, safety, labor-saving and energy-saving requirements.

Powder paints

In Europe, powder paints are used in a wide range of applications such as in the outer coatings of buildings, office cabinets and smaller objects such as bicycles. We provide reliable products produced by longstanding Belgian manufacturer OXY Plast.

Lubricant Spray

Starting with Food machinery Lubricant, we handle high grade lubricants that can be used even in intense conditions such as high-loads, fast application, high temperatures.



Our electronic parts are used in the IoT, flat panel displays, smart phones, communication devices, automobiles and medical equipment.

FPC Installation

We handle FPC units that are indispensable for smartphones, digital cameras and other electronic tools as installed function modules like device and chip components or connectors.

Single facet FPC

FPC with only a single layer of polyimide form with copper foil. It best demonstrates the special characteristics of the thin and soft FPC.

Precision rubber, single body resin parts

Used in (mainly in HDD, mobile) applications where a high degree of sealability is desirable.

FPC used in automobile lighting

A large number of LED lamps are used in automobile lighting. FPCs allow for the union of LED and wiring, allowing for the liberation of design choices and implementation of improved functions.

Multi-layered FPC’s

Multilayered FPCs made by combining single facet FPCs with double faceted FPCs. By distributing the wiring across multiple layers, we can implement higher functionality and miniaturization.


Putting ideas into realization

Our mechanism parts are used in different areas such as office equipment among other applications.
Manufactured and formed from a variety of materials like ceramics, urethane and metal.

Hydraulic brake hoses (2 wheeled use)

Provided for all category of two wheeled vehicle. We provide not only for modern brake systems, but also for ABS systems. We provide combination designs of every variety of expanding brake hoses and pipe as well. We have sharp and safe brake fillings.

Alloy Sintering

We’ve prepared a variety of materials to suit your needs and are ready to carry out after-treatment in accordance with your requested applications such as recompression, machining, heat treatment, surface finishing, and oil-retaining to name a few.

Fuel Hoses

Light-red FKM tubes boasting superior cost-performance, low fuel permeability, fuel resistance, fire resistance, and excellent pulsation and shock absorbency,

Silicone blade hoses with ferrule coupler attachment for sanitary usage

Putting silicon rubber’s special properties to good use make it usable in an extensive range of temperatures. By making use an attached ferrule coupler for sanitary applications the attachment and removal is made easier, pipe cleaning is also simple, and compared to regular pipes an emphasis has been placed on hygiene.


Even the slightest trace of vibration is eliminated since the deflection quantity is safely guaranteed. It can handle machines ranging from 2kg up to 300kg on 4 points of contact by changing the hardness while maintaining the same shape and combining with springs.

Urethane rubber products

Excelling in elastic recovery, resilience, rubber elasticity in high temperature ranges to low temperature ranges, anti-abrasive functionality and mechanical strength. We also provide varieties that have passed the standards for the food sanitation act.

One-way clutches

A component that works by fixing the position of the inner ring while allowing the outer ring to spin freely unidirectionally. Upon rotating in the opposite direction, the outer ring locks, preventing rotation.

Purebble Hose

In use across an extensive number of fields such as gas generated hot water and cooling-heating system water piping, natural refrigerant heat pump model electric water supply piping, floor heating piping, dishwasher drying piping, and fuel cell piping.

Environmental Facilities

Washing and Economization

We offer various washers, water processing devices, environmental facility devices and also conveyor equipment to support the rising demand in automation.

Container washers

A first in the industry. Container centrifugal dehydrator format washer and dryer machine. A revolutionary piece of equipment, compared to conventional machines it occupies only a third of the space, reduces noise by 22%, and costs only a fifth to operate. Other than that, we have a lineup consisting of a variety of washer machines.

Tabletop cleaners

We have a line up consisting of a variety of tabletop cleaners that allow you to choose both size and power and are built to accommodate the shape and number of items you need cleaned.

Hydrocarbon system washers

Space-saving unit model washer systems that can be set up freely by combining general washer units with precision washer units.

Water system washers

The AQUAPASS system is a washer that uses only water. Using lower and upper counter-facing ultrasonic wave washing system, it can clean even hard to remove fingerprints.


We provide LEDs that have excellent dust resistance, water resistance, and even offer special specification LEDS that are resistant to corrosion and can function in ocean water.

Automatic reproducing water purifying devices

Other than water purifiers that work on a cartridge format, we can also provide fully automatic regenerative model water purifier equipment in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Fluorine system washers

By making a double-layer structure with a pass box the ultimate fluorine based solvent-conserving washer system is now available.

Ultrasonic wave oscillators and transducers

Uses high quality ceramic components. Provides powerful ultrasonic waves and durability by way of its stainless production case and Branson’s unique oscillatory element welding technology. Causes the formation of spherical surface waves within a liquid medium.

Hollow Fiber Membrane

Allows for the meticulous filtration through the polysulphone hollow fiber membrane. Comes with high pressure resistance and high temperature resistance that prevents clogging.

Industrial membrane Module

The UF membrane module is composed of UF membrane fibers of high strength. It eliminates particles including colloid shaped materials and bacteria.