株式会社布引コアコーポレーション has strong connection

with manufactures from global leading companies.

We fully support you through research,

development and planning.

  • NSK Corporation Fujisawa Technology Centre (Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

    A technology centre driven by the latest in products and engineering using Tribology (friction and wear research) at its core.
    Encompassing forward thinking in next generation product development, as well as an having an active high spec network gathering data tool on market needs across Asia and Japan.
  • NOK Corporation Shonan Development Centre (Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

    Anything can be produced at this development centre, from development, timber, model plans, prototype products and shipping inspection, it maintains personalized consistency throughout its process.
    The construction timber is stored in an area protected by secure technology and they pride themselves on going the extra mile in risk management and data protection.
  • Henkel Japan Corporation Henkel Technology Centre (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

    The “Lock Tight” brand product technology development is based here along with Henkel Technology’s lab and service features and facilities. Originally a new product development centre, it boasts unique streamlined facilities for development and engineering purposes. It eventually expanded to handle business support for the Asian ocean area.
  • Eagle Industry Corporation Saitama Factory R&D Centre (Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture)

    Consistency as well as efficiency of accumulating knowledge can be maintained through testing and experiments , as the research and development capabilities are grouped together within the same facility. It’s constantly progressing towards new breakthroughs in next generation R&D.