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The origin of our Company’s name

There have been times where new customers have asked us about the origin of our company name Nunobiki. “Nunobiki” is the name of a region in the Kobe area. The company was established in 1936 in Kobe’s central ward under the name of the Nunobiki Bearings Company as a child company of Nunobiki Commerce Incorporated.

Nunobiki falls is located near the Kobe area and along with Nachi Falls and Kegon Falls is considered one of Japan’s three sacred waterfalls. In 1948 we moved our headquarters to Osaka, and when met with the prospect of changing our trade name, we chose not to forget the ambitions we had at our beginnings and became the Nunobiki Industrial Enterprise Corporation. We have inherited the name Nunobiki from the past all the way to the present. In 2018 we updated our logo to its current blue color, but in the star atop the final i we’ve left our traditional corporate color of red to honor our history up until now.